Friday, 24 April 2009

Foodie travel: Photographic highlights from the last year and a half

For me, half the fun of traveling is in eating new and unfamiliar foods. This philosophy can be seen pretty clearly in my photographs, which, surprise surprise! often feature food. Here are a few culinary/photographic highlights from my travels in China, Hong Kong and Laos over the last year and a half.

Snack vendor, Xi'an, January 2008. He was selling a glutinous rice sweet that was sadly rather average.

Tomatoes in a street-market, Hong Kong, February 2008.

Durian fruit shop, Guangzhou, March 2008. When I took this photograph I'd never eaten durian before - I took it for a friend who adores them. Now, as a confirmed durian-lover myself, I look at this photograph and drool (not only over the durian but also the cheap prices).

Empty rice-noodle bowl, Guizhou, March 2008.

Yunnan-style crisps pre-deep-frying, Lijiang, August 2008.

Some kind of savory melon, Xishuangbanna, January 2009.

Still life-esque eggs and spring onions, Laos, February 2009.

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