Friday, 20 February 2009

Great article on cookbooks

Another link to an article, but again, this piece from The Economist on the history of cookbooks is totally worth it. I am a cookbook addict, and such is my foodie geekiness that I will often read cookbooks while I am eating. One of my current projects is to compile a list of the cookbooks that I plan to buy when I'm back in Britain; this article gave me a few more.
ps. I originally found this article through the wonderful Arts and Letters Daily, which I would highly recommend as a home page - great for random discoveries.

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  1. Three suggestions for food books, of course you already have Fuschia's but I thoroughly recommend to anyone as a bible on history of Chinese cooking: Food in Chinese Culture, Anthropolical and historical persepctives, Edited K.C. Chang. A classic. Found at Bookworm: Serve the People, a stir-fried journey through China, Jen Lin-Liu (a Beijing American-Chinese food critic goes to cooking school, with recipes). Please enjoy!